Up, up and away.

Such a rough week. Tomorrow it starts again. All I can dream about is snow-capped mountains with endless skies filled with diamond dreams. Airticket sales period is not helping this wanderlust-ing heart.

My zest for life is fading fast, and I’m losing sight of what I’ve planned to do my whole life. I cannot fall this quickly, and this hard. After this week, hopefully I can pick myself up and start again. December is here, it’s nearly time for new hopes, dreams and plans.

But that being said, I am thankful, more than thankful, for people who are more than enough, and are the best part of me when I cannot bring myself to hope in the impossible, they make me feel like this whole world could be mine if I just made a simple wish. People who make me feel like a million bucks more than my monthly pay, every. single. day. I know that I am stronger because of You, and you.

Strength and perseverance. Character and hope.