Hi there!

I'm Michelle. Tng Ying (唐瑛) is my Mandarin name.

I use my camera to remember things; who I've met, what you look like, where we were, why you are who you are. Raw, simple, honest photos, just you, your person / people and places that matter.

While my face is not behind a lens, my love for travel brings me to new places, teaching me the beauty of observation and to love both the small moments - a small kiss on the forehead or a stolen glance, and big moments - majestic sunsets and beautiful seas and skies. 

I can be usually found crafting, geeking out on some digital platform or watching reruns of Friends with my cat Ninja (who makes frequent appearances on my Instagram!).

Always love meeting new people so do drop me a note to say hi, you can also find me via the various social media channels below.

I am currently based in Singapore.