The (Berkeley) Hills and a happy new year!

Sorry about the uber long hiatus. The new year has come and we’re officially in 2012. Along the midst of everything, my harddisk crashed which left me mourning and frantically and desperately backing up every single thing I have and also trying to retrieve lost files. I’ve established some must-do and must go items for the year (including backing up file more efficiently). I forsee plenty of photos (which also means plenty of backlog), but while I’m still diligent, here is more of San Francisco. 

The woman with the white hair? I’m not sure what captured me more; the fact that she had the whitest hair I’ve ever seen, or that she wore ALL white. Or could be both. Oh the sun, the dusk light was like a sheet of gold just blanketed the whole of San Francisco or something. (Sighs in contentment).

P.S. Spot the monkey :p