The 3 seconds.

I must say that the past few days have been rather fruitful in terms of running errands and just catching up on the week that I missed out. I’m blessed with friends who go out of the way for you and pull out hours of their day just to be with you to watch you pack and whinge about the numerous things that you’ve accumulated over the past six years. Well, it’s not all just about that; I love that I can walk this season of my life with like-minded friends.

Tonight, we did what we did best; we sat, we talked, we did something silly. I’m not sad to leave, because for one, I am coming back, and I would never, for anything/one in this world, trade any of you and the treasured seasons we’ve had/will have.

We have more seconds, minutes, hours, days to write more verses, choruses, pages and chapters.

(I cereally is no emos. I juz wanna makse you all is crys. xoxo)