Having friends and family visiting meant it gave us a chance to play tourist over the last month or so. One of our trips brought us all the way to Tai-O, a fishing village near Lantau Island. 

This quiet little village doesn’t wake up till after 12noon and makes for a nice walk before all the tourists start streaming in and crowding the small little streets. You can have the famous gai-dan-zai (egg pancake), which is made using the traditional iron cast pan and charcoal, plus lots of other (apparently) famous eats around there. We spent the better half of the morning walking and just chilling before heading back.

I am loving all the old iron and metal doors and windows they still have here in Hong Kong, they do have cobbled stoned streets (maybe not cobbled, just uneven) and really charming old school eateries and shops. It’s a bit of an asian Italy if you ask me. Definitely alot more to explore around here.