Some things don't change.

Penang has always been second/third home for me. I’ve spent a large amount of time there since I was a kid and up till now, I love heading back to see family and friends that I’ve grown up with. I haven’t seen some of my cousins since we’ve all headed off to study, and grandma’s 80th was the perfect excuse to meet each other again.

The celebrations started the day before with all the respective aunties and uncles arriving and the mahjong marathons started. I think seeing all my granduncles and aunties and family reminded me what life should be about; people. My grandmother has lived such a full life, seeing photos of her in her younger days with my grand dad (that I’ve never met) and her sisters, with my mum and uncles and aunties, etc, made me realise that when I turn 80 years old, I want to have more than 150 people celebrating with me.

On a random note: The kitten’s name is Noodles, we call her chicken noodles cos she’s such a chickenliken.