The streets are filled with this peaceful calm, it’s freezing under ten degrees, but I stand on my rooftop and look at the sleeping city around me. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel this sense of freshness and familiarity. I’ve plotted my life around this space, and tonight, I have to say goodbye.

I’ve made this place into what I what I want it to be, and to stand for, a place of comfort and warmth. Filled with people’s lives and stories, somewhere you can be yourself. I love the ease of friends calling as and when, and how I didn’t care if they stayed past 12am. I had awesome company, that’s all that mattered. That’s how 906 started three years ago. Yes, we worked hard. Late nights and sleepless weeks, we’ve done it all. At the end of it all, we had food (indomee/kfc/subway/chai), television, space, beds, music, etc. And each other. It was this space that taught me to appreciate the beauty of loneliness but also the blessings of company. I’ve never wanted to spend so much time at home before, I loved coming back to this place everyday, to cook, to entertain, to sit and appreciate some quietness. People just made all this a million times more perfect.

There’s nothing much left in this house and it feels a little colder than before, but still, this is home. It will always be.