Fresh feeling.

Seven days away, I’m back into the spin of real life. It’s a little bit crazy to suddenly get thrown back into this whirlpool of emails and phone calls. I nearly forgot what it’s like to wear nice clothes again, without having to recycle merino thermals and wear numerous layers just to fight the cold, and the blessing to be able to have steaming hot showers without having to feel guilty about others not having enough hot water to shower later on. 

New Zealand has always had a special place in my heart. The mountains and lakes and gorgeous skies never fail to amaze me every time I go back; it is literally breathtaking. I still feel extremely small as we drive up those mountains, at the mercy of rocks and rivers all around us.

I spent a few days riding the snow capped mountains, and the views from the top were absolutely stunning, as always. Although I’ve caught a cold from there, I’ve come back with refreshed wonderment, and a will to pull through the next few months.