Re-looking at my Japan photos from a year ago, I can't wait to go back (especially for some epic snowboarding) for food and more exploring and more food. Found more gems in the sets, this is why I put off editing till maybe 1 or 2 years later (excuses). This has got to be one of my favourite sets, I think. 



2013 has been a crazy crazy ride. 

We moved to Hong Kong at the start of the year, changed jobs, moved back and forth. Adjusting to a new place, new life hasn't been the easiest of things. Today, I am thankful for family, who never fail to provide support, prayer and a home to come back to. Friends who are always there, the ones who cheer you on to better brighter things - even if they are a million miles away. 

This year, I remember that change is the only constant thing, and it is something to be grateful for. That's how we move onward and forward. But better still, we have our hope and salvation in God who is never-changing and everlasting.

Bring it on 2014. I'm looking forward to you already, it's gonna be an awesome year.